Hurt persons damage persons.

Say there was a novel in which Holden Caulfield was an alcoholic and Lolita was a photographer’s assistant and, by some means, they met in Shiny Lights, Significant Metropolis. He’s blinded by love. She by ambition. Diary of an Oxygen Thief is an honest, hilarious, and heartrending…

Diary Of An Oxygen Thief

ISBN 10 : 9781501157868
ISBN 13 : 1501157868

Hurt people hurt people. Say there was a novel in which Holden Caulfield was an alcoholic and Lolita was a photographer’s assistant and, somehow, they met in Bright Lights, Big C..

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Chameleon In A Candy Store

ISBN 10 : 9781501170058
ISBN 13 : 1501170058

Anonymous is back with the intoxicating, darkly dangerous, and wildly addictive sequel to his New York Times bestselling debut novel Diary of an Oxygen Thief. Picking up the story ..

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Fixing Delilah

ISBN 10 : 9780316129152
ISBN 13 : 0316129151

Things in Delilah Hannaford's life have a tendency to fall apart. She used to be a good student, but she can't seem to keep it together anymore. Her "boyfriend" isn't much of a boy..

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ISBN 10 : 1442402792
ISBN 13 : 9781442402799

How do you come back from the point of no return? Seth McCoy was the last person to see his best friend, Isaac, alive, and the first to find him dead. It was just another night, ju..

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This Modern Love

ISBN 10 : 9781501154461
ISBN 13 : 150115446X

In the tradition of Post Secret and Other People’s Love Letters, a crowdsourced compilation of letters, stories, and art work about the modern state of love and relationships, ed..

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Just Friends

ISBN 10 : 1530511518
ISBN 13 : 9781530511518

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Bad Girls With Perfect Faces

ISBN 10 : 9781481418621
ISBN 13 : 1481418629

From the New York Times bestselling author of Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls comes a stylish thriller about the darkness that lurks inside all of us. When I looked up, his smil..

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How To Be Happy Not A Self Help Book Seriously

ISBN 10 : 9781771680325
ISBN 13 : 1771680326

Central Avenue Publishing is proud to publish another book by the widely acclaimed poet Iain S. Thomas. As many have noted on various social media platforms, there have been some i..

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Leaves From An Autumn Of Emergencies

ISBN 10 : 0824829360
ISBN 13 : 9780824829360

This is a first-hand look at the effects of the Pacific War on eight ordinary Japanese. Samuel Yamashita's introduction provides a helpful overview of the historiography on wartime..

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The Incest Diary

ISBN 10 : 9781408890455
ISBN 13 : 1408890453

An extraordinary, powerful and beautifully written memoir of a daughter's abuse by, and attachment to, her father. Throughout her childhood and adolescence, the anonymous author of..

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