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A Masked Deception

ISBN 10 : 9781944654009
ISBN 13 : 1944654003

A Masked Deception is the digital reissue of a previously published and long out-of-print novel by New York Times Bestselling author Mary Balogh. Margaret Wells has been deeply, ho..

Saskatchewan Writers

ISBN 10 : 0889771634
ISBN 13 : 9780889771635

The more than 175 biographies in this volume together tell the story of writing in Saskatchewan. As David Carpenter notes in his introduction to the volume: "The writers whose live..

A Daring Masquerade

ISBN 10 : 9781944654245
ISBN 13 : 1944654240

Kate Mannering, a lady’s companion, is mistaken for the lady herself and kidnapped by a dashing masked highwayman. When she hears his story, however, before being released, she d..

The Abyss

ISBN 10 : 9781456626815
ISBN 13 : 1456626817

Have you ever asked yourself why human beings are compelled to agree? Is it in our organic human nature to gather in like-minded groups and segregate ourselves from others with dis..

Instruments Of Deception The Masked Rulers Of The World

ISBN 10 : 9781447557302
ISBN 13 : 1447557301

A mystical cabal secretly manoeuvring global events since the dawn of time. Events that are dictated by heavenly numerology for the sinister purpose of gaining supreme control over..

Red Rose

ISBN 10 : 9780996756082
ISBN 13 : 0996756086

Edward Marsh, Earl of Raymore, is a connoisseur of beauty, whether it be music or art or women. When he inherits two wards, however, and decides to marry them off as soon as possib..

The Constant Heart

ISBN 10 : 9781944654061
ISBN 13 : 1944654062

Rebecca Shaw was heartbroken when Christopher Sinclair, whom she had loved passionately and who had sworn that he loved her in return her, left her without explanation to marry a f..