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A Shade Of Vampire 14

ISBN 10 : 1512137189
ISBN 13 : 9781512137187

The people of The Shade are no strangers to storms. But the army of black witches racing toward their shores now is a cyclone unlike any the island has weathered before. Either vic..

A Shade Of Vampire 14

ISBN 10 : 149618131X
ISBN 13 : 9781496181312


A Shade Of Vampire 17

ISBN 10 : 1515155056
ISBN 13 : 9781515155058

A new hero will rise... From the ruins of the final battle, a new hero has emerged. A hero who will take The Shade into unchartered territories. Who will usher in a new world order..

A Shade Of Vampire 10

ISBN 10 : 1507840012
ISBN 13 : 9781507840016

Tick tock. Tick tock. Time is slipping through the Novaks' fingers like sand. The only witch with the power to save them is already within their reach. But how does one fix what on..

A Shade Of Vampire 19

ISBN 10 : 1517417627
ISBN 13 : 9781517417628

"His time will come..." The vision Benjamin had of himself as an infant could hold the answers he desperately seeks. Answers about his past. Answers that are key to solving his dil..

A Shade Of Vampire

ISBN 10 : 0998299200
ISBN 13 : 9780998299204

With over 5 million copies sold in the series, A Shade of Vampire will transport fans of Twilight, The Mortal Instruments and The Vampire Diaries to a world unlike any other...On t..

Das Schattenreich Der Vampire 14

ISBN 10 : 1533187665
ISBN 13 : 9781533187666

Die Bewohner des Schattenreichs haben schon einige stürmische Zeiten überstanden. Aber das Heerschwarzer Hexen, das sich ihren Küsten nun nähert, gleicht einem Wirbelsturm, wie..