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Lucia Lucia

ISBN 10 : 9780812967791
ISBN 13 : 0812967798

The beautiful daughter of an Italian immigrant family in 1950 Greenwich Village, Lucia Sartori pursues her dream of a career in the fashion industry, until she falls in love with a..

Mapp And Lucia

ISBN 10 : 9781551998312
ISBN 13 : 1551998319

The fourth volume of E.F. Benson’s wildly satirical take on the Edwardian English upper class. The books were recently adapted by the BBC into a mini-series starring Sherlock’s..

Queen Lucia

ISBN 10 : 1559212527
ISBN 13 : 9781559212526

Beloved by a legion of fans, Queen Lucia is the first in a series of six novels written by E.F. Benson in the 1920's and 1930's...

Lucia And The Light

ISBN 10 : 0763622966
ISBN 13 : 9780763622961

One winter in the Far North the sun disappears and Lucia, accompanied by her milk-white cat, braves the freezing cold and trolls who want to eat her, trying to find the sun and bri..

Lucia Saint Of Light

ISBN 10 : 0982277040
ISBN 13 : 9780982277041

Long revered in both East and West, St. Lucia is an early virgin martyr whose life and legacy shine as a light of faith, hope, and compassion in the darkness of winter and sin. Luc..

Lucia The Luchadora

ISBN 10 : 1576878279
ISBN 13 : 9781576878279

Lucia zips through the playground in her cape just like the boys, but when theytell her "girls can't be superheroes," suddenly she doesn't feel so mighty. That'swhen her beloved ab..