Element of Penguin’s lovely hardback Clothbound Classics collection, made by the award-winning Coralie Bickford-Smith, these delectable and collectible editions are sure in superior-high quality vibrant, tactile cloth with foil stamped into the design and style. When Elizabeth Bennet to start with fulfills eligible…

Pride And Prejudice Faux Leather Edition

ISBN 10 : 024125664X
ISBN 13 : 9780241256640

Jane Austen's timeless masterpiece, now in a beautiful new hardcover edition. Part of a special set of 10 hardcover classics, designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith, that innovatively ..

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Penguin Classics Pride And Prejudice

ISBN 10 : 0141442166
ISBN 13 : 9780141442167

The traditional favorite Jane Austen novel--her enduring story of pride and prejudiceWhen Elizabeth Bennet meets Mr. Darcy she is repelled by his overbearing pride, and prejudice t..

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Classics Reimagined Pride And Prejudice

ISBN 10 : 9781631590764
ISBN 13 : 1631590766

Retold with illustrations by artist Alice Pattullo, this thoughtful edition of the Classics Reimagined series will solve the mystery of what to read...

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Celebrating Pride And Prejudice

ISBN 10 : 9780760344361
ISBN 13 : 0760344361

Pride and Prejudice is studied and celebrated, and its creation and phenomenal legacy thoroughly explored, in this loving tribute to Jane Austen's beloved masterpiece...

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Pride And Prejudice

ISBN 10 : 9786028579544
ISBN 13 : 6028579548

"Sejak awal, perangaimu, keangkuhanmu, sikap acuh tak acuhmu, jadi landasan kebencianku padamu. Belum sebulan mengenalmu, aku sudah tahu bahwa kau adalah pria yang takkan mungkin k..

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Jane Austen

ISBN 10 : 9780857285829
ISBN 13 : 0857285823

Jane Austen (1775–1817) was a major English novelist whose classic works of romantic fiction, notable for their wit, keen social observations and insight into the lives of early ..

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Pride And Prejudice

ISBN 10 : 9789380028743
ISBN 13 : 9380028741

Retells in graphic novel format the story of a a spirited young woman in early nineteenth-century England who copes with the suit of a snobbish gentleman, as well as the romantic e..

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