When Emma Ashby returns to her hometown of Leyton, TN, she realizes that she is nevertheless in enjoy with Drew Dalton. He was the enjoy of her lifestyle, and their separation was cold, severe, and mysterious. Drew is now engaged, so she attempts to conceal her thoughts from him. Nevertheless, when he sees her, he is aware…

The Point System

ISBN 10 : 9781602667624
ISBN 13 : 1602667624

This work recounts a conversation between the author and her husband where the author describes female relationships in the form of a competition, thereby helping her husband--and ..

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C To The Point

ISBN 10 : 032125290X
ISBN 13 : 9780321252906

A compact tutorial on C#, covering the full range of the language from simple statements and data types to object-oriented and component-based concepts. Supported by an excellent C..

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What Is The Point

ISBN 10 : 9781616386016
ISBN 13 : 1616386010

Misty Edwards tackles the difficult questions of finding meaning in seasons of success and failure, smallness and greatness, pain and pleasure as we live lives that are, in the end..

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Doubling The Point

ISBN 10 : 0674215184
ISBN 13 : 9780674215184

Nadine Gordimer has written of J.M. Coetzee that his vision goes to the nerve-centre of being. What he finds there is more than most people will ever know about themselves, and he ..

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The Point Of Being

ISBN 10 : 9781443862011
ISBN 13 : 1443862010

Current digital processes of production, reproduction and distribution of information affect the perception of time, space, matter, senses and identity. This book explores the rese..

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